Southern Gas Networks, dump sites in Watling


Dump sites in Second Avenue and Third Avenue in Gillingham have been causing chaos for weeks. These dump sites take debris from surrounding works by  Southern Gas Networks and as the sites are insecure and the debris is frequently strewn all over the road, they have been causing severe hazards to both traffic and pedestrians. ”Surely such insecure fencing is a serious breach of health and safety regulations,” said Paul, ”and it doesn’t seem as though the council is prepared to take any action”. Paul Chaplin, has tackled portfolio holder, Cllr Filmer, head on at October’s full council meeting demanding that the council ensure better consultation with residents, and carry out safety inspections on dump sites.  Cllr Filmer replied to the effect that so far as he was concerned local residents were ”happy with the way in which Southern Gas Networks had operated in their streets” and had ”even made them tea”. Paul, a local Liberal Democrat activist, said he ”is waiting to see if there is any improvement in the situation”

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