Don’t let the Conservatives Put Economic Recovery at Risk by Paul Chaplin, prospective MP for Gillingham & Rainham

The economy has now recovered the ground lost under Labour. We now have a record number of people in work, the deficit has been cut by nearly half, inflation is down to just 0.5%, the economy is growing faster than that of most of our international competitors.The main reason that Liberal Democrats formed the Coalition was to sort out Labour’s economic mess and build a stronger economy and a fairer society.

We gave the country a long term economic recovery plan based on Liberal Democrat values of fairness and the stability to see it through. In 2010, we put the national interest before party interest and gave the country the stability that was desperately needed to sort out the economy and get the deficit under control.

Having Liberal Democrats in the Coalition meant the Government was anchored to the centre ground. But an all Conservative Government after the General Election in May could put economic recovery at risk with an unchecked lurch to the right.

The Conservatives have already announced there will be no tax rises for the wealthy after the General Election. Instead, balancing the books would be done entirely through cuts – leaving those on low and middle incomes to pay off the deficit.

A Conservative-only Government after the General Election could see Britain abandon the centre ground and put economic recovery at risk.

 Make sure that doesn’t happen by voting Liberal Democrat on 7th May


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