Paul Chaplin Backs Plans for Zero Carbon Britain

 Paul Chaplin, Liberal Democrat candidate for Gillingham & Rainham, has backed the Party’s drive to double the amount of clean, renewable electricity produced in Britain by 2020 and make Britain zero carbon by 2050.

 The aim is to stop adding to climate change. In Government the Liberal Democrats have already more than doubled the amount of electricity from renewables such as wind and solar.

 “We have overseen the single biggest reform of the UK’s energy infrastructure since privatisation, created a lowcarbon, pro-renewable, and energy secure nation less reliant on unstable regimes for energy needs,“ said Paul

 “Liberal Democrats are prioritising the environment in the coming General election by putting green issues at the front of our election manifesto.”

“If in Government after the General Election, we will take the fight against climate change further by introducing a Zero Carbon Britain Bill.”

 Measures in the Bill will include:

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